A donation receipt didn't go through.

Wendy Bolm 06/15/2016

If you or your donor hasn't received an email receipt for a donation that was recently made to your account, please investigate the matter on your end before contacting support. If a donor did not receive a donation receipt, please send them these steps in order to troubleshoot:

  1. Check you spam filter. Sometimes our emails get misdirected.
  2. Check your email’s security settings. 
  3. Add commitchange.com as a trusted sender.
  4. If you're having the issue on a company email address, have IT for your email server make sure commitchange.com and AWS (our email service) aren’t blocked.
  5. ***nonprofit only*** Make sure email notifications are on within your CommitChange account. You can find your notifications in your settings and turn them on or off as needed.