Developer Partnership Program

Our Partnership Program

Refer an organization to CommitChange and we’ll share a percentage of our revenues with you! We believe in virtuous circles and we would rather share our revenues with members of our community than to advertisers and sales teams — it builds a better culture and helps everyone succeed. Anyone can apply to become a partner by sending us an email of interest to:

Why join? Our generous revenue sharing percentage is among the best in the world, you’ll be helping organizations succeed at fundraising, and you’ll be well supported along the way.

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Who can be a partner?

Anyone who passes our verification review! Anyone who meets our internal guidelines can take part in this program. Every referral partner is vetted to ensure they meet our quality standards so that we can focus on providing the resources and training they need to succeed.

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Revenue sharing details

When you refer a new organization and notify us, we will share a percentage of our revenue from that account. We generally earn a 3% platform fee, and we will share 20% of that fee for the first year of the account and then 10% for the second year. For example, if you refer an organization that raises $500,000 per year at our standard fee of 3%, then you will earn $3,000 in the first year and $1,500 in the second year.

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Are there any catches?

No, you just need to express interest in joining the program by emailing us, pass our quality review, and then notify us when you have referred a new organization. We will then track the organizations you have referred, and send you a percentage of revenue each quarter for the first two years that the organization is a customer. It’s that simple.

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We’ll help you succeed

When you get started as a CommitChange referral partner, we’ll provide you with the training and materials that you’ll need to successfully build your revenue. Our team has years of experience reaching out to prospective customers, answering their questions, and providing support. We want you to succeed and you’ll be in good hands.

Common Questions

Q: Does this increase the cost of your services?

A: No, we simply share the percentage of revenue that would normally go towards sales and marketing. The only difference is that the money goes to people in our community rather than to big companies like Google and Facebook.

Q: Can you accept referrals from anywhere in the world?

A: No, we can only currently accept referrals from the United States. In the future we may expand this program internationally.

Q: How do I get credit for referring an account?

A: Send us an email within 14 days of them creating their account. Include your name, the organization’s name, and a description of how you know them.