Featured Campaigns

Annual Fund 2016-17

This campaign is one of two major Odyssey fundraisers and it is essentially an email effort designed to urge you to “click the donate button” on our website to submit your annual donation. Many independent schools across the country give guidelines for donations and expect current families to donate 10% of the cost of tuition but, quite honestly, that is not Odyssey’s style. We simply ask you to do the best that you can. The campaign gets underway after our Student/Faculty/Parent Conference Week held every year around the Thanksgiving Holiday. There are many compelling reasons to support Odyssey School. Truthfully, there is a GAP between what it costs to educate our Odyssey kids in comparison to what we charge and tax-deductible fundraising revenue can narrow this split. Additionally, it is important for Odyssey to maintain its CAIS accreditation and 100% participation by our current families will send the clear signal to our accreditors that Odyssey is here to stay! Finally, Odyssey’s current COA (cost of attendance) is $10,000 less expensive than local area CAIS schools and, consequently, our COA represents an extraordinary value in the education marketplace. Please donate to this important fundraising event to help secure Odyssey School’s future as a great educational institution in California!

Gabrielle @ The Relational Center

With the pending Trump era, It's important now than ever to build community and connection. I'm thrilled to be a part of The Relational Center (TRC) team, a nonprofit organization committed to shifting culture by building empathy and community through groups, wellness, and counseling services. As a small organization, TRC relies on the support of donors to help us to offer our services at a very low-cost, allowing access to most who need/want it. Our hope is that through healing relationships, people will be more connected to themselves, their bodies, and each other. By building stronger connections, we can all work together to fight against discrimination and exclusion to create a more diverse, empathic, and collaborative culture.

Skylight's 1st Annual Fundraiser

For over 30 years, Skylight has been committed to producing artistic, challenging and socially relevant media to strengthen human rights and the quest for justice. Through the use of media, technology and digital tools, we seek to engage, educate and increase understanding of human rights and social justice amongst the public at large, educators, and policy makers. Over the past year, we have made a lot of changes. Skylight is now a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that is developing cutting-edge programs to engage human rights and social justice activists with artists who can propel their story. We hope that you will join us on this journey to expand our mission. (Your contributions are tax-deductible.)

Angela's “Bridges to Empathy” 2016 Fundraising Challenge

BECAUSE COMPASSION IS ACTIVISM. After a particularly contentious presidential election -- and all that's now front and center in today's political and social conversation -- it's important that those of us who are passionate about compassion, kindness and inclusion do what we can to promote those values. At The Relational Center (TRC), our activism seeks to develop the human capacity for awareness, empathy and connection -- values largely unsupported in our culture. Not only is it difficult work; it is absolutely necessary if we are to effect meaningful and lasting social change.

Help Ready, Set, Connect! Close the Digital Divide

FACT: It’s estimated that 100,000 San Francisco residents, and even more across the Bay Area, don’t have access to the internet or the skills and know-how to use it. FACT: Not having a computer and internet service at home keeps people in poverty. Community Technology Network is working to end that cycle of poverty while helping youth in Oakland succeed in life through our Ready, Set, Connect! program. And thanks to a generous matching grant from Twitter, if you give today—your donation will double!

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