Peer-To-Peer Campaigns

Wendy Bolm 01/27/2015

Through our Peer-to-Peer fundraising campaigns, your supporters can start their own campaigns to raise money for your organization. Whether it's for the memory of a family member, the celebration of a birthday, or participation in a marathon, Peer-to-Peer campaigns are a great way to mobilize your supporters.

To start a peer-to-peer campaign if you are a supporter:

Visit our Peer-to-Peer page to search for your nonprofit or create a campaign directly from your nonprofit's CommitChange profile page. 

CommitChange P2P Campaign Button

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CommitChange Campaigns: Upload Media

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CommitChange Campaign Manage Gift Options

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Scroll down and press the Update Campaign button to save your changes. Publishing your campaign won't change your campaign link or any of the campaign's functionality, but it will ensure that your campaign comes up in internet searches. If you do not publish your campaign, your supporters will only be able to find your page through a direct link.