Shade Shuttle

Look out, melanoma. She's coming for you.

It’s not every day someone donates a school bus to your foundation, but in February 2017 that’s exactly what happened.

Tara Miller died of melanoma in October of 2014, just 6 weeks shy of her 30th birthday. Tara left behind an extraordinary legacy of strength and positivity, along with a melanoma foundation of her own which raises funds to support the research needed to effectively treat and ultimately cure melanoma. In a speech given in June 2014, she said, “Although we can’t change what the statistics on melanoma have been, we chose to make the best of it and try to help change where they are going.”

Tracy recently met with Tara’s dad, George Miller, at a meeting of the Melanoma Action Coalition. He and his business partner Joe Duncan own Integrity Transportation in Egg Harbor, NJ. During the meeting, he shared his plans to use one of their school buses to promote their event. After seeing Tracy’s excitement, he quickly made plans to donate a bus to Polka Dot Mama. We are grateful for their generous donation and we intend to put the bus to good use right away!

Fondly named the “Shade Shuttle” and wrapped in polka dots and sun safety infographics, the bus has already started its new life by embarking on a multi-state tour with stops along the way for melanoma awareness and sun safety tips.

In the coming months, the bus will be converted into a mobile education unit, offering free skin screenings and education on melanoma prevention. When not in use, the bus is kindly parked and cared for by our friends at Little River Ranch in Hillsborough, NC.