The L.A. Trust Holiday Season Campaign

December Giving -- Making a Difference All Year Long

The L.A. Trust for Children's Health is at a critical stage in its growth.  As the non-profit that supports school health programs for Los Angeles Unified School District's 650,000 students, our scope of work is mammoth. In 3 short years of full-time commitment The L.A. Trust has emerged in L.A. County as a leading organization focused on child and adolescent health and the implementation of student health programs. Each year we bring together hundreds of thought leaders to address challenges and share best practices on how to best intersect student health and education. The L.A. Trust strives to improve and advance the newly established LAUSD Wellness Network through our 14 new school-based Wellness Centers which have logged over 45,000 patient visits to date. We have also developed a sustainable model of oral health care and are striving to grow it district-wide. The L.A. Trust also develops student leaders.  We provide them opportunities to learn, grow and advocate not only for their health, but for the healthy futures of their communities. In short, we are changing the landscape of student health and student achievement and thus, the future of Los Angeles. 

Your tax-deductible donation through this campaign allows us to continue and expand this hugely important and extremely rewarding work. Thank you. 

Student Health = Student Success.