2016 Alternative Gift Market

A gift that keeps on giving...

UPTrenton's ALTERNATIVE GIFT MARKET allows you to purchase gifts that support our programs. There are many gifts ranging from a day of heat for our AfterSchool program to supporting a student for a year! It is truly a gift that keeps on giving! 

We have many giving levels to fit every budget. Your gift will help us keep the building warm, purchase healthy snacks for our AfterSchool Program and cover fees for SAT or ACT exams. Or you can donate to honor a loved one as a Foundation Partner or a Promise Partner.

Once you make your purchase, we will email you a printable certificate, like the one below, for you to wrap or enclose in a card. How easy is that? If you are a last minute shopper, you can make a donation and receive a printable certificate until 12 noon on Christmas Eve!  It's the a gift that keeps on giving!

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