Give the Superpower of Science

Your support helps give the superpower of science to ALL kids in our community!

As a member and supporter, you have experienced first-hand the power

of science learning at CuriOdyssey. But did you know that your support brings that experience to underserved communities?

Thanks to our donors, CuriOdyssey’s admission fees and programs are significantly subsidized and one third of our science education programs are free to low-income schools and groups.

“Many of our students never had the opportunity to experience science in such a hands-on way,” notes Varina Williams, Principal at Fiesta Gardens International School, where CuriOdyssey has provided free science programs to all students since 2008. “I’ve watched students’ attitudes about science be transformed, thanks to CuriOdyssey.

When it comes to the natural world, there is nowhere our kids can simply click to save it. Learning to think like a scientist early on will give them the tools they’ll need to take on real-world challenges of the future.

“Besides giving them an educational experience they could not access otherwise, CuriOdyssey expands the career options and personal interest of our youth,” says Evan Jones, Director of the Mid-Peninsula Boys and Girls Club, where CuriOdyssey has provided free afterschool programs since 2014.

Having a great science center right down the street is essential to our community.

If you agree that our innovative science center makes a difference in our

community, please make a gift of support to help us bring the superpower of

science to ALL kids. Please join our cause for children’s science education with a gift of support today!