Hope Into Healing

Addiction Destroys Communities. Hope Creates Them.

Heroin. Overdoses. Addiction. Death. It seems like every day we hear about this epidemic that is plaguing our community. Across Ohio, someone dies from a drug overdose every three hours. That’s eight people a day who will never get another chance to make it right.  

At the center of the heroin epidemic in Central Ohio are people. Our families. Our children. Our friends. Every day we hear about the overdoses—some days in the dozens—and we learn about the deaths. Over and over again.

Heroin destroys communities.

Addiction doesn’t discriminate. What we don’t often hear about in the headlines are the fighters, those warrior people who struggle to beat the disease of addiction, who battle through treatment. Those individuals who take the steps toward recovery.

Hope creates them.

And they get clean. But how do they stay clean, return to our community, contribute to it, and build their lives? With HOPE.

This heroin epidemic isn’t going away unless we all get involved. During the month of October, Next Level is committed to raising $88,000 for Marin’s Hope. Marin’s Hope empowers our families, our children, our friends, who are struggling with alcohol and drug dependencies.  By providing housing, resources, and services, it inspires the hope they need to end the stigma and suffering of addiction, and supports their lifelong recovery. And their recovery returns hope to our community.

To learn more about Marin’s Hope, go to: http://marinshope.org/