Hope Hollow

Feeling of Home away from Home.

Every day, men and women who are currently undergoing cancer treatment travel to Columbus, Ohio for medical care. These patients and their families often have little to no resources for their basic comforts while in town for treatment.

These cancer patients are in need of warm meals, gas for traveling to and from Columbus, a bedroom, a shower, and a place to wash their clothing. They are without a home. They are without the comforts of their community of friends and extended family. They arrive with little emotional support to see them through the challenging days.

Jane and Kevin Clark of Hope Hollow open their home and hearts to these patients and their families. They have limited space for accommodating more than one family at a time, and much of their support comes in providing the funds for families to find lodging in area hotels.

We, VIP7, are committed to providing hope and home to cancer patients and their families by standing as a source of healing and peaceful recovery in the supportive environment of Hope Hollow.

You can make an impact on a family today by supporting us with a donation. 

If you would like to offer support by providing tangible goods, please CLICK HERE.

To learn more about Hope Hollow, visit: www.HopeHollow.com