A generous donor has offered to DOUBLE every gift up to $20,000 in this year's Annual Giving Campaign, so you can make twice the impact if you donate today!

2016 has been a year of great change and expansion. Your contrubitons allowed us to DOUBLE the number of students and coaches we served!   We also rebranded, changed our name, and relocated our headquarters to Wilmington, DE.  

As we look to 2017, and the continued growth of our impact and reach, we needed to ask one question - Why Strive?  We strive because how you lead DOES matter and access to programs like ours is critical; programs that develop self-awareness, gratitude, grit, teamwork, self-efficacy and empathy are essential to a student's success in school and in life.  We strive because coaches are uniquely positioned to positively influence the students they coach through modeling inclusive culture building strategies and creating positive team communities with clear expectations.

Please consider making a gift to our 2016 Annual Giving Campaign to ensure that Strive's growth continues in 2017; to ensure that our future leaders continue to learn to make great efforts on the fields and courts, in the classrooms, and in their communities. 

If you prefer to mail a check, please send it to:

Strive: How You Lead Matters

1007 N. Orange St.

4th Fl, The Mill

Wilmington, DE 19801