Kaleidoscope Youth Center

Promoting self-confident, healthy, productive lives for LGBTQ youth as they transition from adolescence into adulthood.

The Kaleidoscope Youth Center is a place where LBGTQ youth can bring ALL of themselves, find support for who they are, develop their strengths, and become leaders within a community that stands up on the side of love and rejects hate. This is why the VIP 8 class of Next Level Gives is teaming up with the Kaleidoscope Youth Center to make sure all teens know they are valued, loved, and matter.

The Kaleidoscope Youth Center is the only organization in Ohio that is solely dedicated to supporting LBGTQ youth and their allies. The mission of Kaleidoscope is to work in partnership with young people in Central Ohio to create safe and empowering environments for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and ally youth through advocacy, education and support.

This fundraising campaign is organized by Next Level Gives, a philanthropic arm of Next Level Trainings. The organization is dedicated to connecting with worthy causes that serve the needs, well-being and happiness of the people of Columbus and beyond. Participants of all ages and backgrounds are current students within the Next Level Training program and are charged with creating a month-long service project that has a lasting tangible impact on the community. We, VIP8, are committed to stand with the board, staff and supporters of the Kaleidoscope Youth Center to create a world where all LGBTQ youth live healthy, whole lives with acceptance and freedom from fear and oppression.

You can make an impact in the lives of youth today by supporting us with a donation. 

If you would like to offer support by providing tangible goods, please CLICK HERE for a list of needed items.

To learn more about Kaleidoscope Youth Center, visit: kycohio.org

To learn more about Next Level Gives, visit: nextlevelgives.com