March 2017 Free Skills Series: Emergency Preparedness

Learn how you can become prepared for an emergency.

We would like to invite you to this month's Rewilding Skill Series. The Rewilding Free Skills Series is a class & networking event that happens monthly, that usually (but not always) occurs on the last Saturday of the month. It is a place for social networking where people make new friends and hang out with old friends, learning skills to connect us with humanity’s ancestral past and more local and sustainable future. We ask for a $10–$20 suggested donation with no one turned away.

This month's theme is Emergency Preparedness, brought to us by Sharon Ross of Afrovivalist. Are you and/or your family prepared for the big earthquake? What can we do right now that would get us more prepared? Rewilding is a long term plan, but what about the short term? How can we feel more prepared and confident? Come down and check out this class and learn to be better prepared. Or come down and share what you know and what you do to prepare yourself and your loved ones.