Empowering Veterans Organizations

Veterans Organizations: Upgrade your fundraising tech for only $99/month through August 2016 (permanent discount)

We support our troops!

Successful veterans organizations like Irreverant Warriors and Warrior Foundation: Freedom Station use CommitChange for their sustainable fundraising strategies, and you can join them by visiting our special discounted pricing page or signing up for a free demo. 


Our donation form is simple and designed with the donor's experience in mind, and we've streamlined the donation process, data processing, and reporting into one online system. 

We Power and Amplify Funding Campaigns

Warrior Foundation: Freedom Station has accepted more than $300,000 in online donations through CommitChange to help with their mission of providing veterans with a hand up, not a hand out.

  • Warrior Foundation uses CommitChange for general donations as well as raffles, campaigns, and a radiothon.

Irreverent Warriors has raised more than $20,000 from campaigns this year for their support network to help veterans heal, with humor. Dark humor.

  • Irreverent Warriors raises money through campaigns, their Silkies  Hike, and merchandise like the 2016 Irreverent Warriors Calendar.

Irreverent Warriors Hike