Webinar: Nonprofit Fundraising Plans and Ideas

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Ready to learn about fundraising planning from seasoned experts?

Join one of our bi-monthly webinars to learn more about fundraising planning, including specific tactics and strategies learned from real-world case studies. These aren't your typical webinars either! We keep the groups small so that there's time to address everyone's individual needs and challenges.

Here are some of the things you'll learn:

  • How to setup and organize your fundraising plan more efficiently
  • Strategies for building momentum and controlling the tempo of your fundraising
  • Specific insights into different fundraising tactics and their pros and cons
  • Techniques for raising sustainable revenue and breaking out of the cycle of poverty
  • Easily implementable ways to expand your online giving without increasing overhead
  • Lots more, depending on the expert of the month!

All costs have been sponsored by CommitChange, and these educational webinars are available to all nonprofit staff and volunteers. We look forward to meeting you and helping answer your questions!

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