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On average, our nonprofits have seen an 160% increase in online donations within the first year of using CommitChange.

St. Bernard Project

St. Bernard Project is a national long-term natural disaster recovery organization whose mission is to ensure that communities at risk of, or impacted by, disasters have the resources to prepare and recover in the most prompt, efficient and predictable way possible.

Raised $50k online in their first two months

This was our most successful year to date; we can attribute much of that to CommitChange's clear, intuitive interface that makes donating so much easier. With the volume of online donations that we process, lower transaction costs will have a significant impact on our funds raised. We've now switched all of our affiliates over to CommitChange.

Ann Williams, Director of Development

St. Bernard Project - fundraising success

Sunsar Maya

Sunsar Maya provides support to better the lives of orphaned and abandoned children around the world through education.

Ran a campaign to raise money to start a learning center for 50 orphaned children in Kathmandu

As a young organization, Sunsar Maya has benefitted immensely from their knowledge, dedication, and personal approach to working with clients. Thank you CommitChange for helping us continue to grow and expand our work!

Jehan Seirafi, Co-Founder and Executive Director

Sunsar Maya - fundraising success

Biz World

BizWorld provides fun, project-based programs that promote financial responsibility, leadership and teamwork skills for elementary and middle school students across the country and around the globe.

Raised $25,000 in 72 hours would like to thank CommitChange's team for their responsiveness, engagement and thoughtfulness in walking us through our first crowdfunding campaign. The platform is easy to set up, and offers such a user-friendly experience for donors.

Thais Rezende, CEO

Biz World - fundraising success

Open Hands, Overflowing Hearts

Open Hands, Overflowing Hearts' mission is to increase awareness of childhood cancers and to raise funds for research of childhood cancers in search of a cure.

Ran a 100 day campaign to initially raise $10K, and due to overwhelming success, stretched their goal to $25K. Continued successes encouraged them to raise their goal to $50K, then $100K, then finally $250K. In total they raised $331,215 - over 3000% more than their initial goal!

Open Hands, Overflowing Hearts - fundraising success

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