4word: Portland June Luncheon


What comes to your mind when you think of enjoyment? Is it savoring a simple pleasure during the day? Laughter spilling out of your being? A quiet delight that makes you smile?

Defining and experiencing enjoyment isn't always easy. It can be a fleeting emotion in our busy days - an afterthought buried under the piles of our mental to-do lists. In our quests to optimize (or survive!) our daily lives, enjoyment can seem like a selfish indulgence. We put off slowing down and savoring the good gifts around us to soothe the tyranny of the immediate.

But what if we didn't see enjoyment as an indulgence? What if we viewed it as a radical act of gratitude to our Heavenly Father? What would our lives look like if we delighted in the good gifts in each day?

Join us for lunch as we pause to discuss what enjoyment looks like in our lives. We'll share how we can make time in our busy lives to celebrate what matters.