$5 on the 5th

Helping Fund aTeam Ministry Programs on the 5th of the month

$5 on the 5th 

$5 on the 5th is intended to allow anyone to participate in helping fund the ministry programs of aTeam Ministries.  The funds raised through this monthly opportunity will go toward a specific ministry program that aTeam is highlighting that specific month.  

During the month of June, aTeam Ministries will be focusing on the Financial Assistance ministry program for pediatric cancer patient families.  A pediatric cancer patient family can apply for a financial assistance grant in partnership with the Children's of Alabama social worker for up to $1,000 per year per patient.  aTeam Ministries does not pay the patient family directly but the vendor for which the grant request is made and approved by the Children's of Alabama Oncology Social Worker assigned to that specific patient family.  

Since aTeam Ministries started its ministry programs in 2010, the financial assistance program has made an IMPACT on patient families with financial support while their child goes through treatment.  aTeam Ministries has consistantly provided $25,000.00 per year to patient families who request financial assistance.  In 2016, aTeam Ministries had 56 financial grants that were given to patient families for a total of $25,000.00.  

Here are some of the ways the financial assistance program has supported patient families:  

Mortage/Rent Payments

Utility Bills 

Experimental Therapy Drug Costs

New Tires for families traveling back and forth to clinic and hospital visits

Hotel stays when coming for treatment or doctor appointments

Funeral expenses for families who have lost a child to pediatric cancer