Building abundance since 2012

CommitChange is a project of Software for Good, where we envision a world where all communities can use the power of data and technology to cultivate shared abundance and liberation. To bring this world into being, we build software with love.

Why CommitChange is different

CommitChange is a collection of talented people who care about nonprofits, social movements, and open source culture. Our mission is to help nonprofits and social ventures thrive. We achieve this by making the most innovative fundraising technologies as broadly accessible as we can. 

We believe in the inherent worth and dignity of all people, which leads us to cultivating respectful relationships and sharing our knowledge joyfully. 

These attributes distinguish CommitChange from other fundraising companies. 


Wendy Bolm
CommitChange Product Lead

Eric Schultz
CommitChange Technology Lead

Sharon Kennedy Vickers
Chief Executive Officer

Casey Helbling
Chief Technology Officer

Kevin Bullock
Director of Engineering

Cassi Johnson
Director of Product Strategy

With support from the Software for Good team.

Our story

A decade ago, technologists Jay Bolton and Roderick Campbell saw an opportunity to build something new: a transparent, ethical and easy-to-use fundraising platform to help nonprofits and social ventures build abundance without compromising their values. With help from Justin Laing and Ivan Stanojevic, founders of MerchantOS, CommitChange was born in Olympia, Washington. 

After being accepted into the Boost VC startup accelerator program in Silicon Valley in 2014, CommitChange raised over $1 million in venture capital. The next year, we acquired social fundraising platform Connect for a Cause to give our clients new ways to build community and raise money for their good work. That year Wendy Bolm joined the team, and started building the individualized consulting capabilities that CommitChange customers now rely on to strengthen their fundraising and community-building capacities. 

By 2017, hundreds of nonprofits and social ventures from coast to coast were using CommitChange to build community and fund their work. That year, digital autonomy activist Eric Schultz came on board to help us share abundance in a new way: he helped found the Houdini Project, which makes the powerful fundraising infrastructure that powers CommitChange freely available to everyone. 

To deepen our ability to build abundance for social movements nationwide, in 2022 CommitChange joined Software for Good, a Minneapolis-based  general benefit company whose vision and values we share. As part of the Software for Good team, CommitChange will give our customers — and everyone who uses our open-source platform — even more ways to build abundance and community.