Help Businesses Defend Net Neutrality


Defending net neutrality is crucial to emerging tech businesses in the United States, and we've sent out a letter to our elected officials affirming our stance on this issue. Here is the text:As an emerging tech company, we know that net neutrality is paramount to business innovation and growth within the United States. Allowing internet providers to block, throttle, or discriminate between web traffic based on internet provider preferences will harm businesses and consumers. It will stifle innovation and the marketplace of ideas. From a business standpoint, if net neutrality is eradicated, we risk no longer b...

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Net Neutrality is Getting Serious and Affects All of Us


Whether we like it or not, humans have reached an era where technology and the internet are critical parts of everyday life. Our conversations, transactions, and the very fabric of society depends on access to the network that we call "the internet." Now there are people who want to control, dictate, and restrict access to that critical infrastructure. Freedom of information and speech isn't a new struggle - there have always been those who want to own, dominate, and control others. If we become complacent and give away our most essential rights it may take us many generations to restore them, assuming they ca...

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Welcoming Eric Schultz


"It's my pleasure to announce that Eric has joined the CommitChange team as lead software engineer, and will be bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience. His passion for helping nonprofits succeed, and his advocacy for open source software are going to help all of us achieve our missions."  - Roderick, CEOHere's a message from Eric:I’m excited to join CommitChange as Lead Developer. During my technology career, I’ve mostly focused on how free and open source software can empower people. With CommitChange moving our core software to an open source model, joining to lead this effort as well as sup...

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CommitChange Joins the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce

As we grow, CommitChange has made a commitment to supporting community initiatives in Wisconsin, and we are proud to announce that we are now members of the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

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3 Nonprofit Technology Myths

Balancing limited resources with the tech needs of a nonprofit organization can seem daunting, but it doesn't need to be. Often, it is myths that spring up around making technology decisions that hold us back from finding the right fit.

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Observing Earth Day Every Day

With Earth Day approaching on 4/22, it's important to remember that we all have the power to make earth-friendly choices every day. Here are some simple ways the CommitChange team gets involved in our own communities.

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Nonprofits and Open Source

CommitChange now hosts Fika for Social Good events in the MidWest, an informal series of discussions for nonprofit leaders and tech professionals. Our most recent discussion was led by open source advocate and prpl Foundation community manager Eric Schultz.

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Introducing Fikas for Social Good

CommitChange now hosts Fika for Social Good events in the MidWest, an informal series of discussions for nonprofit leaders and tech professionals.

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Digital Security for Nonprofits

CommitChange now hosts Fika for Social Good events in the MidWest, an informal series of discussions for nonprofit leaders and tech professionals. During our most recent meeting, we discussed data and digital security.

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Three Stages of Open Source Fundraising

Open source projects are fun because they're collaborative and instantly gratifying. As a codebase expands, the project takes shape. Making a funding plan often seems like just one more bleak necessity that distracts from the fun parts of shaping code and building community.

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Open Source Support and Transaction Update

The biggest news is that we’re going to securely open source the CommitChange platform, making our core technology available to the general public; we’re doing this in order to accelerate the development of tools and services for nonprofits, and to help improve the overall quality of fundraising infrastructure.

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A Quick Primer on Community Building

CommitChange now hosts Fika for Social Good events in the MidWest, an informal series of discussions for nonprofit leaders and tech professionals. During our most recent meeting, we discussed community building.

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Open Sourcing Independence

As the world speeds forward and the political and humanitarian climates shift at what seems like breakneck speeds, open source tech is racing to keep pace and provide free frameworks to the global tech community to provide solutions to many of the issues that stifle solutions to our broader global problems. It is our belief that open source initiatives are the future of nonprofit software as developers work with organizations and networks to change the world. Here are some of the groups we’re watching

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Happy New Year from Team CommitChange

Happy New Year, everyone! Hand on my CommitChange heart, we’ve been so happy to have worked alongside you in 2016 and we truly do look forward to working with you even more in 2017!



Resources for Nonprofits and Techies

CommitChange now hosts Fika for Social Good events in the MidWest, an informal series of discussions for nonprofit leaders and tech professionals. During our first meeting, we discussed resources for nonprofits and professionals to use in business and in building connections.

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Nonprofit Spotlight: Animal Legal Defense Fund

The status quo is no longer cutting it in the United States. Every day we are inundated by news outlets and social media with the problems our society faces. At CommitChange, we accept the current issues in the U.S. and abroad as reality, but we actively work to support and educate our nonprofits, and many others, to help them raise funds in order to actively address and start working through the problems that have been slowly chipping away at our futures. This is the second in a three part series we will publish over the next few weeks that spotlights the good work of some of our most forward-thinking nonprofits.

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Nonprofit Spotlight: Bitter Root Water Forum

The status quo is no longer cutting it in the United States. Every day we are inundated by news outlets and social media with the problems our society faces. At CommitChange, we accept the current issues in the U.S. and abroad as reality, but we actively work to support and educate our nonprofits, and many others, to help them raise funds in order to actively address and start working through the problems that have been slowly chipping away at our futures. This is the first in a three part series we will publish over the next few weeks that spotlights the good work of some of our most forward-thinking nonprofits.

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Introducing Mark Leonard

My name is Mark Leonard and I am the new Partnerships Manager at CommitChange. Professionally, I have worked in the nonprofit sector for a decade. In that time, I have seen good times and bad, and most everything in between!

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CommitChange's Response to the Orlando Murders

What happens when you reach your limit, and don't feel like you have enough to give? For some, that moment is paralyzing. For others, it is an invitation to take action. CommitChange wants to help LGBTQA organizations take action as a response to the tragedy in Orlando.

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'Integrity 2.1' Platform Update

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International Advocacy and the Rise of the Remote Worker

As remote work becomes more accepted in the nonprofit world, international organizations are taking notice and finding the right people for the job, no matter where they live.

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Donation Page Designs We Love

Looking for donation page inspiration? With flexible donate buttons and custom branding, it's easy to make your organization's donate page look like a million bucks. Here are a few of our favorites:

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Millennial Nonprofit Fundraising Lessons

The single easiest way to increase online giving is by improving your donation forms and making the giving experience easier for donors! It's surprisingly, almost embarrassingly, easy. The trick is to simply reduce the distance between a donor's passion and their transaction. Long, clunky, or ugly forms will create donor friction and significantly increase their drop-off rate.

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CommitChange's Guide to Sparking a Nonprofit

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Best Practices for Top-Notch Emails

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Fighting Hunger: A Thanksgiving Tradition

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The Shifting Landscape of Supporters: Harnessing the Power of Storytelling Across Generations

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Simple is Better: Shorter Forms, More Donations

Donor friction results in countless lost donations. Is your online giving strategy falling victim to poor conversion optimization? We'll share three strategies for reducing donor friction and increasing online giving.

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Cognitive Science and the Art of the Ask

At a recent gathering of the Association of Fundraising Professionals in New Orleans, Dr. Russell James, a leading researcher in the effects of philanthropy on the brain, presented some of his findings on how language can impact planned giving. Though his presentation was narrow in focus, his findings can be easily be applied to all forms of nonprofit messaging and "asks." Here are five steps nonprofits can take now to improve donor outreach from Dr. James's PowerPoint presentation "Words that Work: The Phrases that Encourage Planned Giving."

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Nonprofit Spotlight: i-ACT

On the morning Fatna became a Darfuri refugee, she witnessed her husband being killed in her village's marketplace. Before he died, he told her, "Get the children and run!" With no real time to process what she had seen, she walked home, gathered her six children, and led them on foot for ten days across the desert to Chad. Since 2003, approximately 480,000 people have been killed and 2.8 million displaced in the Darfur Genocide.

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Nonprofit Spotlight: Open Hands Overflowing Hearts

Kayla Perry was a recent high school graduate when she discovered she had a rare form of pediatric cancer. She dedicated her life to eradicating the disease and founded Open Hands, Overflowing Hearts, a nonprofit that has since raised more than $500,000 to help fund cancer research.

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Online Donation Tools for Nonprofits

There are dozens of online donation tools for your nonprofits, but here's a list of our favorite resources to safe your organization time and money.

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Nonprofit Donation Software Guide

Enjoy our nonprofit donation software guide, which helps you navigate online giving software in a clear and engaging way.

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Nonprofit Spotlight: FitLot

FitLot is a New Orleans nonprofit dedicated to turning blighted areas into connected fitness parks in the neighborhoods that need them the most. FitLot is currently running a campaign on CommitChange to raise funds for a fitness park along the Lafitte Greenway in the historic Treme. All contributions will go directly to the purchase of materials for this project.

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Donation Processing Best Practices

Nonprofits raise over $20 billion every year through online donation forms, but how can you give your organization a tactical advantage? This article explores ways CommitChange helped nonprofits increase giving by 75-180% through donation form optimizations.

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Big News: CommitChange Has Acquired Philanthrogeek!

We've had a lot of news lately here at CommitChange! Our incredible development team launched major transaction upgrades, lowered credit card fees to 2.2%, added event features, and even launched built-in email functionality. Today we can announce yet another big move in building our team. We acquired, and its founder, Nathaniel James, is joining the team as our new Director of Strategy and Partnerships.

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Nonprofit Spotlight: Portlight Strategies

Portlight Strategies was founded in 1997 to facilitate various projects involving people with disabilities, including post-disaster relief work all over the United States.

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Millions of Philanthropists

What has stood in the way of millions of individuals counting themselves as philanthropists has been the misperception that they don’t give enough to make a difference like those big foundations do. For any single person, that is mostly true. Aggregated, however, the individual is mighty. Aggregated, the crowds can do things even the large foundations cannot do.

26fed5bfdb891d21940e5445fc86c24e Steve Boland, Guest Blogger


Engage your Community with Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

In the past few years, peer-to-peer fundraising has been one of the most powerful tools in the fundraising toolbox. Peer-to-peer fundraising is a great way to more actively engage your current supporters and for them to take part in some of the work required for your organization to be able to make an impact.

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CommitChange Launches $250K in Software Grants Program

We are very excited to announce our Grant Program that will provide $250K in fundraising software to help nonprofits around the country modernize their technology infrastructure. 25 nonprofits will be selected to receive a 3 year implementation of the CommitChange Supporter Management Tier.

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Give Local America 2015

Give Local America is an initiative that began just last year to commemorate the 100th anniversary of community foundations and the vital role they play in local philanthropy. The CommitChange team is excited to once again be able to participate in this great day for local giving in our two communities, Silicon Valley and the Greater New Orleans Area.

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An Exciting Update from CommitChange

At CommitChange, we've always been focused on providing best in class fundraising tools for your nonprofit. Now you can connect those tools to a robust database to manage donors, cultivate relationships, and much more. We're excited to announce the Supporter Management Plan for nonprofits!

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Donation Processing Guide for Nonprofits

Nonprofits raise over $20 billion every year from individual donors and that number is growing rapidly as internet usage becomes ubiquitous and smartphones proliferate, even among older supporters. In the midst of this cultural upheaval, it’s critical that nonprofits have the tools and skills they need to adapt to a changing fundraising environment. This guide will cover the basics of donation processing and will help you maximize gifts.

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Let's Celebrate Earth Day

At a time in which we are experiencing climate change that has affected various regions and creatures, it is important we stand together to protect the Earth we live in. Celebrations like Earth Day are the perfect opportunity to raise awareness for environmental issues and they are a great way for each one of us to get involved.

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Nonprofit Spotlight: San Mateo Police Activities League

Since 1997, San Mateo Police Activities League (PAL) has provided recreational, educational, and leisure activities thousands of San Mateo youth. Supported by a volunteer board of directors and a staff consisting of police officers and city employees, PAL is building a stronger and safer community through San Mateo’s most valuable asset: kids.

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Connect With Your Donors Through Storytelling

The art of storytelling is not one that is easy to master, but once you begin to understand why it’s important and how you should be telling these, you’ll be able to tell better stories that will keep your donors connected to your organization.

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Nonprofit Spotlight: Amputee Blade Runners

Running prosthetics are not covered by insurance plans and are considered “not medically necessary," this organization helps amputees keep an active and healthy lifestyle. Their goal is to provide running prosthesis to at least one athlete in all 50 states by the year 2016.

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Nonprofit Spotlight: Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse (CORA)

CommitChange recently sat down and had the opportunity to chat with Daniel Holloway, Development Associate. In his words this title, “translates to being the database guru and overseeing the overall marketing and design for the organization”. Being the data aficionados that we are, we are always looking to learn more about the fundraising challenges our clients; Most importantly, we wanted to know about the people that make up CORA.

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Your Nonprofit's Social Media Questions Answered

With the variety of social networks and content currently available online, it can be a bit intimidating to create pages that represent your organization, especially if you’re new to social networks. Here are some of the most common questions we usually come across from nonprofits when it comes to the early stages of building up your social media channels.

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Why Many Nonprofits are Struggling to Reach the Millennial Donor

We will admit, Millennials are a complicated group. However, despite having all of this background knowledge on Millennials and their beliefs, why are many nonprofits are still struggling to capture donations from Gen-Yers?

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The Two Simple Keys to Keeping Donors

In the nonprofit world, we’re always on the lookout for new supporters. Whether it’s a foundation that might award us a grant, a corporation we hope will sponsor our big event, or an individual we’d love to write us a check, we just want MORE.

Unnamed-1 Nora Ellertsen, Guest Blogger


6 Hashtags Every Nonprofit Must Keep Up With

“What is aggregated content?” “Why should my nonprofit keep up with hashtags?” Fear not, we’re here to explain all of that!

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Does Bad Software Hurt Nonprofits?

The short answer is yes. If your data-tracking systems need their own organization charts or binders full of complicated instructions, then your software infrastructure is definitely broken.

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Finding Your Nonprofit's Voice

Your voice is your nonprofit’s personality and it is the best way to identify with your supporters. Not sure what your nonprofit’s voice sounds like? Does your organization even have an identifiable voice? Follow these exercises and tips and find it!

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Optimize Your Website To Enhance The Online Donation Process For Your Donors

Simple adjustments to your website and your donation process can have a significant impact on your fundraising activities for the year. As the percentage of online donations processed each year continues to grow, it is important your nonprofit's website is fully optimized to enhance your donor's experience.

031694e Alessandra Madrid


How To Engage and Retain Your Donors in 2015

Recent studies and surveys show that the key to retaining donors in 2015 lies in communicating with your donors constantly through quality content. Engage and retain your donors this year with these tips!

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Lower Processing Costs for Donations

We're now able to lower the processing costs from 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction to 2.4% + 30 cents per transaction.

Photo_1 Jason Nicosia


Holiday Fundraising Secrets for Procrastinators

Ok, so you’ve just realized that the end of the year is fast approaching, and you haven’t done anything to prep for an end of year fundraising campaign. It’s not too late!

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Last Minute #GivingTuesday Tips

#GivingTuesday is around the corner, and hopefully by now you have a plan to participate. Check out these last minute ideas to get your campaigns and fundraisers going on December 2nd.

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Holiday Giving

The holidays are fast approaching. Check out our strategies to make the most out of this giving season.

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#NOLATechWeek Events

Thursday, October 9th, CommitChange hits the Big Easy for #NOLATech week. Come check out one of our 2 sponsored events.

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CommitChange Giveaway

Win a whole year of our $79/month Essentials Tier by entering our fall giveaway.

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Best Practices for Building a Campaign

Running a capital campaign for your nonprofit this season? Check out our five tips to make your campaign a success.

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Calling All Early Adopters

We're proud to announce that we've finished our first complete feature set for CommitChange, and now have two pricing tiers available.

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4 Helpful Tips for Your Next E-Appeal

The e-appeal will help advance your mission if it is engaging andmoves your supporters to take action. Best practices rely on well-established truths, so to nurture your donors and move them to give, remember to:

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5 Tips to Improve Recurring Donations

Creating sustainable revenue, predicting cash flow, and improving donor engagement all become easy once a nonprofit develops a solid recurring giving program.

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Mark Cuban, an Acquisition, and Record Numbers

We're one step closer to changing the world! But let's back up for a second. When we started this adventure in 2012, I never imagined our scrappy little team would have an opportunity to disrupt an industry that impacts billions of lives. Now that mindbogglingly ambitious possibility is several steps closer to becoming reality.

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Launch Changed Our Lives

We never imagined that attending LAUNCH would lead to an investment from Mark Cuban, a radically improved business model, and an opportunity to disrupt one of the largest industries in the United States.