Exciting News From CommitChange

Today, we are excited to announce that Software for Good, GBC, has acquired the assets of CommitChange. The CommitChange team will still be providing the same hands-on support, reliable donation processing, crowdfunding, and event management under the newly formed company CommitChange, LLC. 

Software for Good is a General Benefit Company based out of Minneapolis, MN, that builds software in love. Established in 2004, Software for Good has partnered with do-gooders nationwide to create apps, websites, and digital platforms that help communities use the power of data and technology to cultivate shared abundance and liberation. 

Software for Good Founder Casey Helbling and
CEO Sharon Kennedy Vickers

This move will provide us with expanded support from Software for Good’s team of developers and digital strategists while retaining the CommitChange team members our users have come to depend on. Software for Good CEO, Sharon Kennedy Vickers, said, “Our company exists to put data and technology in the service of shared abundance, and the CommitChange platform is shared abundance in action.” 

As Software for Good employees, CommitChange Product Lead Wendy Bolm and Engineering Lead Eric Schultz will seamlessly continue their work in solidarity with you, our nonprofits and social good organizations, to help you raise funds and build community. This move will allow us to deepen and expand the services and features we offer with leadership that understands and shares our culture and values.

Software for Good founder and CTO Casey Helbling said “partnering up with CommitChange feels like a nice warm hug,” and that owning a for-good software platform has been a long-held goal of Software for Good. 

As always, if you have any questions about this or your fundraising needs, please reach out to our support team at support@commitchange.com.