Fundraising Campaigns

It’s important to be able to run crowdfunding campaigns for new projects and sudden needs, but sustainable organizations also need to be able to run campaigns that generate recurring, predictable revenue. CommitChange provides all of the fundraising software you’ll need to engage your supporters and raise more money, more sustainably.

Example: Radiotopia’s Sustaining Campaign

Most organizations exist in cycles of poverty, surviving off primarily one-time donations during appeal campaigns. Radiotopia started with this dilemma when they launched on a famous crowdfunding website; then they switched to CommitChange and successfully raised over $750,000 in annual recurring donations, in addition to over $250,000 in one-time donations. In other words, they broke out of the cycle of poverty in one campaign by raising more recurring donations than their monthly operating expenses, in addition to having a large cash reserve.

  • Launch campaigns in minutes
  • Set custom goals and timelines
  • Beautiful design and branding
  • Create receipts for each campaign
  • Include giving levels and rewards
  • Social options with high share rates
  • Supports peer-to-peer campaigns
  • Turn features on or off at will
  • Full privacy setting controls
  • Easily track supporters and actions
  • Over 99.8% uptime
  • Hands-on support and education
  • Inventory tracking for reward levels
  • Among the lowest costs in the crowdfunding industry