CommitChange uses the Houdini Project to help nonprofits raise funds.

All of our code is publicly available under the AGPL software license. CommitChange is an instance of the Houdini Project that provides technical support, education, and feature development in exchange for a fixed platform fee; it’s a plug-and-play solution for organizations with fewer technical resources.

Custom development

Do you need a highly specific combination of fundraising features? CommitChange developers can be contracted to build exactly what you need. Contact us for details:

Codebase contributions

Want to help a nonprofit who uses CommitChange? We accept custom code submissions as long as they are secure, follow best practices, and do not result in excessive support burden on staff. For details:

Platform setup service

Do you want to run your own fundraising service? We can help you launch with any combination of CommitChange’s features for a fixed fee. Please contact us for details: