Purchase tickets before January 7th at $60.

Prices go up starting January 8, 2018 to $71*.

Pack Your Suitcase for Hogwarts!

The California Scholarship Federation invites you to attend

Notre Dame High School's Winter Formal.

Doors Open @ 7:30 ~ Doors Close @ 8:45

Ballroom Rules

Tickets will NOT be sold at the door

You are able to leave at 10:30 & the dance ends at 11

There will be no refunds

Only NDB Students are allowed to attend and invite one guest

Suitcase Necessities

- Present a current school ID

- Be subject to search by security or faculty supervisor

- Be on the print out list of attendees

- Male guests must be in high school or college and may not be over 20 years old unless approved by administration

Dance Rules

- Students and guests may not engage in "FREAK" dancing or any other sexually explicit form of dancing. Students MUST face their dance partner.

- Everyone must follow the directions of the supervisors and the security.

- No loitering before or after the dance.

- Possessing, selling, giving away, or being under the influence of alcohol, drugs, and/or illegal substances at or around the dance will result in a phone call to parents and possibly the police.

- Further disciplinary measures are outlined in the
NDB Parent/Student Handbook.

- Notre Dame students are required to follow the provisions set forth in the Parent/Student Handbook relating to dance rules and policies.

- Smoking is not allowed at, in, or around the dance.

- All bags, coats, cell phones, and other hand-carried items must be checked in the coatroom.


- No food or beverage items may be brought into the dance. Food and water will be available at the dance.

Dress Code

Yule Ball Attire


Expected to wear dresses that are acceptable for this formal affair

May wear backless dresses (if the back line does not drop below the waistline)

May wear strapless dresses as long as there is no plunging neckline

No bodycon, skimpy dresses, or those with low or plunging necklines

No dresses that reveal midriffs

No long dresses with slits

No short dresses that expose the upper thigh

No dresses made of transparent material


Must wear suits or dinner jackets with collar shirt & tie

Socks and dress shoes required

No tennis shoes

Reminder for All

No visible body piercings or tattoos

No muggles ALLOWED, remind your guest to bring a student ID

*$1 from each ticket will be placed in our NDB Cares Fund.  This fund benefits student causes that fit the Notre Dame Hallmarks & Mission.

Students, clubs, and boards can submit proposals for causes they are passionate

about and would like to support.  Students must demonstrate how the cause

relates to our Notre Dame Hallmarks and MIssion.