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Rebuilding Alliance is an American 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to rebuilding war-torn communities and bringing the world together to make them safe.  We start by partnering with Palestinian and Israeli Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) to help Palestinian communities rebuild and keep their villages standing. 

'To do something big — to think globally and act globally — one starts with something small and one starts where it counts.'

— Oxford Prof. Nabeel Hamdi   

Since our launch in 2003, Rebuilding Alliance has been amplifying the voices of Palestinian and Israeli peacemakers and their communities. Together we are a significant voice for recognition of planning rights, village-centered rebuilding and human rights. 

·      We believe that if our world is to meet the big challenges that face us at this time in history, we must make peace in Israel and Palestine.

·      We believe a child’s life can be changed for good by rebuilding her/his home and neighborhood.

·      We believe construction is the best response to destruction, that rebuilding projects ease trauma, build trust, strengthen peacemakers, advance law, and press officials forward in tangible ways.

OUR MISSION:  Rebuilding Alliance is dedicated to rebuilding war-torn communities and bringing the world together to make them safe.

OUR LIFE-AFFIRMING VISION: A just and enduring peace in Israel and Palestine founded upon equal rights, security, and opportunity for all.


  • Rebuild homes, schools and communities in a holistic approach that builds peace, combining community-directed rebuilding with grassroots and diplomatic advocacy. 
  • Stretch every dollar to seed endeavors that make a difference and grow. 
  • Build trust with each rebuilding project and connect peacemakers with constituents and policy makers worldwide who will intervene to safeguard threatened communities. 
  • Advocate for government policies based on international human rights law and international law.


Here's what Rebuilding Alliance does:

Brighten the Future for Gaza's Children

We've been working in partnership with Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations in Gaza since 2003, when the American, Rachel Corrie, was killed as she stood to protect a Palestinian family's home from demolition.  Building on our successful work to send desperately needed supplies to UNRWA shelter schools in Gaza during the bombing in 2014, we sent our first container with donated clothing (our shop filled from floor to ceiling) later that year.  We successfully sent our 2nd container, this one with new schools supplies and children's books, in 2015 and delivered them directly to children from 16 schools in the hardest hit areas in Northern Gaza.  We could not have done it without you!  Now we move forward with raising funds to send Nur Al Amal (Light of Hope) solar-powered lanterns so children can do their homework when the lights are out!

Rebuilding to Remain

This is our signature project.  We provide village-centered design and crowd-funded finance to help Palestinian villages in Area C build new, affordable homes on the land they own.  We've finished the first three homes in Al Aqaba Village and the families have moved in. 

ibn Rush'd Library & Entrepreneurship Program for Youth

Rebuilding Alliance helped Al Aqaba Village install its library, hire the librarian, and organize a Youth Entrepreneurship program there.  

Rural Women's Center

We're working with the Al Aqaba Rural Women's Association to help them achieve their income-producing goals.  With a grant from Rebuilding Alliance, architect Danna Masad has designed the Rural Women's Restaurant, Guest House, and Wedding Hall — all green design!  Next step: filing applications for Political Risk Insurance then raising the financing to start building!

U.S. Movement to Save Palestinian Villages

This past year, Rebuilding Alliance sponsored four speaking tours, held over 50 half hour meetings with congressional staffers, and held two formal briefings in the House and Senate. 

  • Our efforts to #SaveSusiya are keeping that village standing because our meetings resulted in public statements by the State Department, Representative Anna Eshoo and 10 members of Congress, Rep. Loretta Sanchez, and a series of public letters to the Prime Minister of Israel by Senator Diane Feinstein.  
  • We brought the children of Susiya and Um al Kheir and their parents, along with Villages Group to speak to Congress on International Peace Day — and we launched a mobile app, Evincible, to help everyone contact Congress to press Senators and Representatives to keep their villages standing.  Good news:  on December 19th, Umm al Kheir village finally received an injunction against further demolition pending their day in court.
  • Since October 2016, we have been urging Google and Apple to put hundreds of Palestinian villages on their maps of the West Bank.  They mapped all the Israeli settements but left the Palestinian villages off. In November, we brought a Palestinian artist and our partners from Bimkom: Planners for Planning Rights to meet with Congress. In April 2017, Google added the villages!
  • Next step:  we want to hold community mapathons with the villages in Palestine and with university and peace groups here in the U.S. to help the villages do their own mapping, and build the advocacy network to make them safe.  Email contact @ if you would like to host one.

Collective Song:  A Music Center to Make Hearts Sing

A talented intern at Rebuilding Alliance sought to bring music to Al Aqaba's children. We are delighted to report that the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music is partnering with Rebuilding Alliance and has been sending two teachers there to instruct 41 children on violin, viola, and cello!  Can we bring them on tour to the U.S.?   We hope so.

Abir's Garden Playgrounds: a Safe Place to Grow

We partner with Combatants for Peace to build playgrounds and organize children's theatre programs in memory of a child, Abir Aramin, who touched so many hearts. The playgrounds, all connected with a Palestinian school in the West Bank, are constructed by professionals with Israeli and Palestinian former combatants working together to help.

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Until: 11/30/2017 12:00am

"Rebuilding to Remain" speaking tour with Mayor Haj Sami

The mayor of the Palestinian village of Al Aqaba, Haj Sami Sadeq, is coming to the U.S. to speak about how his community has grown into a thriving model of peace despite Israeli Army aggression, and to fundraise to complete construction on 15 homes in Al Aqaba!

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Until: 12/31/2017 12:00am

Rebuilding to Remain in Palestine's Area C

Seeking to live on the land they own, fifteen families are building houses with village-issued building permits in the Palestinian Village of Al Aqaba in the West Bank's Area C. They invested all they have and need additional funds to finish, andinternational advocacy to assure their homes remain standing. Help fund Rebuilding to Remain to provide affordable loans to finish the homes and to expand our successful advocacy. Repaid loans will be re-lent to other families to build homes and hope.

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Until: 12/31/2017 11:59pm

It's Time for Light!

Help send solar-powered lanterns to another 23,040 of Gaza's children and put one in your window to show you care and to show you want to brighten the future of Gaza's children. The blockade controls the electricity, but not the power of the sun or the power of love! Your help will make a real difference right now. Follow us on Facebook "It's Time for Light" and Instagram "Rebuilding Alliance".

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Until: 03/31/2018 4:59pm

U.S. Movement to Save Palestinian Villages

Congressional intervention is one of the most effective ways to prevent demolition of Palestinian villages. As constituents, we have the leverage to urge our members of Congress to intervene and demand fair rights for Palestinian communities to live and build on the land they own. We ask your help to fund our Palestinian Planning Rights visit to walk the halls of Congress.

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