It's Time for Light!

Send two solar lanterns to Gaza's Children and shine yours every Wednesday from now through International Peace Day, Sep 21st!!

The sole power plant in Gaza has shut down. Electricity is out for about 20 hours each day, which makes even the simplest of tasks difficult. That's why we're asking your help to send Nur Al Amal (Light of Hope) solar-powered lanterns through the blockade to children in Gaza so they can study and play safely when the power is out. We've partnered with Palestinian Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to distribute lights directly to families in need. A 2-for-1 matching grant now sends twice as many lights. Help empower Gaza's next generation, help open the blockade, and bring hope to all.


How can you particpate and bring more light into the world?

  • Donate money to send lights to Gaza.  For a donation of as little as $50, we will send two inflatable solar lights to Gaza and gift one to you in your window;
  • Place lights in the window (need not be solar) to show your support for sustainable peace in solidarity with Gaza's families on Wednesday nights and on Thursday night, Sept 21, International Peace Day;
  • Take a picture of you and your light in the window and upload it to Instagram, tagging @RebuildingAlliance #itstimeforlight#nuralamal

Thanks to the remarkable generosity of individuals, families, schools and faith groups and thanks to two matching grants, Rebuilding Alliance is shipping a 11,560 solar-powered Luci Lights through the blockade to Gaza’s Children in July and another 11,560 in August!  But 750,000 children are impacted by this 10 year blockade — with your help, we'll send more. 

Mrs. Najah from the Women's Project Center, Rafah, explaining the solar lights

Here's what Gaza families are saying about what a difference the Nur Al Amal solar lanterns have made:

“I use (the solar lanterns) always at night to teach my children instead of using candles because candles are very dangerous for us, but the solar light is much safer and easier.  I use it to light the children's room because they are afraid of darkness when they go to the bathroom at night. They are not any more after using the solar lights.  Finally, thanks a lot for people who do their best to help us in this very bad electricity situation.”


“My husband uses it when he goes to the mosque to pray at night and at dawn, and my children use it to light their rooms at night to study. Also I use it when I work in the kitchen and cook for the family. I want to thank God and I appreciate the efforts of those who sent the lights for us so it can help us in our lives. It is much easier to use for women and old people and for children and most importantly it is a really good alternative to candles. It is much safer than candles. Many accidents happened here in Gaza because of candles, families burnt because of using candles while sleeping at night.  Our children are now safe with the solar lights.”

"I use it in studying at night. I am now in the high school and with this bad electricity that we live in, I suffer a lot because I need to study hard to get a high average. Nur Al Amal lantern is easy and doesn't cost anything, I put it in my room and I turn it on all the night when I am studying, it is a really good alternative for candles because it is much safer and I prefer it. Thank you, I am speechless and can't find the words to thank you."