Dear Friend, 

2015-2016 was another strong year for Super Stars Literacy, in large part due to your support of our work. Together we provided comprehensive literacy and social emotional education to over 1000 children across 9 schools in the Bay Area. We saw 92% of our students increase their literacy scores, with 42% improving by more than the national standard of yearly literacy growth. We also successfully trained and graduated 28 passionate AmeriCorps members who served as our full-time literacy instructors. We owe much of this success to you. We expanded our kindergarten program in Newark, piloted a successful Saturday Reading Academy in East Oakland, and supported English Language Learners in Hayward. We can do even more with your support! 

This year was also one of the most tumultuous of recent memory. We saw stark political polarization among our fellow citizens on issues of race, wealth, immigration, and gender. We witnessed shooting devastate families, across the country and here in Oakland. We are faced with a sobering question: How am I either a part of the problem or part of the solution? 

Reading is powerful and transformative. It is a life-changing experience that empowers a child to transcend their circumstances and ultimately transforms communities. Children who are proficient readers by second grade are statistically shown to be at least four times more likely to graduate from high school. Through reading, they gain the tools to create a better life for themselves, for their families, and for society at large. 

Will join us?

Artavia Berry, CEO, Super Stars Literacy