Transforming Lives Through Reading

This fall, I am excited to donate so that every child in Super Stars Literacy can receive 22 hours a week of social emotional skill building and high quality literacy support. Will you join me? 

After graduating from the Latino Board Leadership Academy, I was searching for a non-profit to serve on its board of directors.  I met with several great organizations, but had a difficult choice ahead.  During that time, I came across a letter my mother had saved for me from my childhood.  The letter was from a woman who worked in the reading literacy program at the elementary school I attended in the second and third grade.  The letter was a progress report written to my mother saying that the program leader was proud that I had advanced so far and that I no longer needed the program.  She commented about not believing I was the same little boy who had come to her two years ago.  

After reading this letter, I realized that without that program I would have had a vastly different future than the one I presently have now.   After finding the letter, I knew that I had to support an organization like Super Stars Literacy, because I knew the firsthand effects of a program like that.  It was like life had come full circle and fate had brought me not only to my letter, but also to this program.  

Super Stars Literacy is much more than a literacy program.  The main focus of our program is on reading literacy for children in underserved communities, who are already behind the reading level standards. The program also focuses on social-emotional skills and improving family involvement with the program and their children’s futures.  In addition, we are helping to train future teachers by giving them necessary tools to teach in challenging environments, and we provide support to the schools by offering assistants in the classrooms.

We need your help to continue to provide the great programming Super Stars Literacy offers.  The more children we support the larger the impact we will have, not only in the lives of the children, but in all those who cross paths with them.  Please join me in generously supporting this great organization and take part in the shaping of a child’s future.

Thank you!


Marcus Varela, CPA