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Community radio and access to independent media is more important now than ever. 

For the past four years, has been a place to come together, sometimes to speak out, to lend a voice to the community, and sometimes simply to escape for a little while with some awesome indie music. is radio made by people like you, who live in your neighborhood, for love, not profit. 

Here's what some of our DJs have to say about and what it means to them:

  • " is...a hub for promoting local bands, independent music, killer shows and most importantly, the FREEDOM to put independent programming on the air, in a time where most media are doing the opposite." -Britt, hello, cheetle.
  • " is a special thing, run by amazing, kind-hearted people. We can do really fun things for all sorts of groups in San Francisco if we pull this off." - Ben Ward, Eclectic Kettle
  • "I don't think I have to remind anyone of how truly important it is to keep creative communities thriving in a city like San Francisco. Through [my radio show] I have made amazing, wonderful new pals who are so invested in keeping San Francisco's independent radio legacy please donate if you can." - Beatrix Gravesgard, Astral Projection Radio Hour is here for you. Now, we hope you’ll be there for us.

This year more than ever it’s been a challenge to be there for all of the causes worthy of support. Everything feels like an emergency. We know you feel this way because we feel it too.

Arts organizations help us see light in a sea of darkness. And with, you know you’re supporting a platform for diverse voices in an era where they’re frequently muffled. 

A monthly recurring donation of $10, $25, or $50 provides sustainable support that helps us keep the lights on and the fresh tunes and ideas flowing. One-time donations make things like equipment upgrades happen. Our station is listener supported so we simply can't exist without you! 

Here's what some of our listeners have to say about their favorite shows:

  • "I look forward to the artist interviews that Nino brings to his show each week. He always has an eclectic mix of music and people and really keeps it fresh! The live performances are a highlight as well. This is what high quality radio is all about!" - Heather on Espresso Sesh
  • “Lily Sloane is brilliant, warm, funny and has the most soothing and excellent voice of all time. Every week I learn things that increase my capacity for self compassion and influences growth, honesty, and love in my therapy journey” - Breanne on Radical Advice
  • "Love finding new tunes that we wouldn't seek out ourselves. Keeps you out of a rut and keeps you fresh." - Larisa on Radioculars
  • "They make an attempt to connect with listeners on an emotional level to provide comfort/respite from whatever else may be going on in the world." - Zach on Abuela's Pantry
  • "It's funny and quirky and I feel like I learn about cool music that I wouldn't have sought out on my own." - Sarah on I Rock I Roll Radio

No matter how you're comfortable supporting us, please donate today. If you give before December 31st you'll receive your tax deductible benefit for 2017.

Wish you could help but don't have the cash? You can support us by forwarding this email, posting on social media, or telling your friends about our campaign.

Spreading the word about great community radio is always a win-win for everybody!

If you have any questions, please email and we’ll get back to you right away.

Thank you for helping us make sure is always here for you.