Funding for Winter Hay

Help Us Provide Hay for the Horses this Winter!

**UPDATE:  Happy New Year!   We were able to achieve the $2,000 donation match from the Simmons Family fund through your online and offline contributions!  Thank you everyone who has helped to make this happen.  We have been buying hay regularly as funds are available.  You have really helped to make a difference.  But these expenses don't go away.  We still need your help!  Please consider becoming a regular contributor.  We will keep this hay fund open for until we can reach our goal.  Thank you! **

We need to be buying round bales of hay right now to support our herd through the winter months and to do so at reasonable prices while the inventory of good quality horse hay is still available.  The prices we are being offered are considerably less than we paid last winter! 

Thank you!

SPECIAL THANKS to the Simmons Family Fund who, in addition to their donation, have offered to MATCH all donations from December 1st forward up to $2,000!  This doubles your donation today!  

As you may or may not know, there was a massive shortage of hay in Georgia last winter due to the drought.  We ended up buying out all our hay suppliers, friends, and neighbors, and then having to get hay trucked in from out of state at DOUBLE the normal price for most of the winter.  Yes, DOUBLE!  Even though we had a few awesome supporters to help us out, this was financially devastating for our organization. 

The image below is of us unloading hay from semi-truck last winter.

Unloading Hay Truck Last Winter

We have a lot of big mouths to feed and we literally go through hundreds of round bales through the winter months.  Now is the time to reserve and/or stock up while supplies are available and costs are still low!


Image title

Please consider donating to assist us in helping to make this happen.  Any assistance you can provide in helping us reach this goal can eliminate significant stress and financial burden for our organization.

As always, your continued donations and support of our cause are very much appreciated.  Every little bit helps and all donations go directly to support the horses.  Please share with your friends and family about Iron Gait Percherons and our cause.  Thank you again!