Marigny Opera House Annual Appeal 2018

Help keep the arts alive in 2018

The Marigny Opera House is a testament to the extraordinary cultural wealth of New Orleans, and proof of the generosity of its citizens. In fact, the "Church of the Arts" could exist nowhere outside of New Orleans. 

Our donors have made it all possible.

For nearly seven years, the Marigny Opera House has produced and presented hundreds of events, most of them free to the public. Ballet, opera, modern dance, jazz, classical concerts, musicals, stage plays, puppet shows, film screenings and more. The church also hosts community events: weekly 12-step meetings, memorial services, conferences and weddings.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the Marigny Opera House Foundation 

depends on charity in order to survive. The year-round operations require a small staff (two employees and one part-time employee), building costs, utilities, insurance and more. But the biggest expense we have as a foundation is the total payments we make to the performing artists of New Orleans. Last year we were honored to provide funding to nearly 100 artists.

Please help us continue to thrive. 

Your gift to the Marigny Opera House will make possible the day-to-day running of the organizaton, but it will also help with two special projects we've planned for 2018:

• An additional rest room: doubling our capacity for audiences!

• More comfortable chairs: the old folding chairs served their purpose, but they are quickly wearing out.

If you've helped us in the past, in any capacity, I thank you for your support. If you've ever attended a performance or community gathering at the church, I hope you'll consider the Marigny Opera House worthy of a donation this year.

With great thanks,

Dave Hurlbert

Executive Director

Marigny Opera House