Annual Appeal 16-17

Reaching for New Heights with Timeless Methods

The Waldorf School of New Orleans utilizes a time-tested strategy at every level: building with fundamentals to create an integral whole. The children employ basic truths to figure out complicated lessons, and the faculty seek deep understanding to support students and classrooms which in turn enlivens the whole organization. Similarly, the Administration, Staff, Faculty, and Board take care with the many small things, and have built a foundation with intention to grow an effective and transformative organization. This school is a gem in the local education landscape because of this careful yet simple approach. Waldorf education is so vital; there is no other school in New Orleans that puts the pieces together like we do.

In 2016, the school has the greatest enrollment, with the most experienced faculty, and the most responsive and proactive administration ever. We are truly Reaching for New Heights with Timeless Methods. Some successes are obvious like the students winning the New Orleans Public Library’s summer reading contest; some are less overt like a new administration that is better able to support faculty and parents; and some are entirely unpublicized but fundamental, like how the school is close to being able to finance capital improvements and projects. All of this is aimed at providing a sustainable Waldorf education for your kids and the families yet to come. But the one thing that we need more of is cash - to further invest in Waldorf education materials, to hire additional accounting services, to make sure that all faculty are fully trained and supported.