Back to School - 2016

Sunita, above, learning about science through experimentation with bubbles.


In Nepal, classrooms are often sterile and cold. Students learn through repitition and memorization, never learning to think creatively or constructively. Children that have been orphaned or living in poverty face even greater challenges in their path to success. They often lack an adult at home to help with their studies, books and supplies for their homework, and even a nutritious meal to help them focus and learn.

That's where SuMa After-School and you come in.

Last year, with the generous help of others, we gave 50 orphaned and disadvantaged children the opportunity to learn and grow, to use their hands, to experiment, to think critically and creatively. We also gave them healthy meals, medical checkups, immunizations, and a safe space with caring adults. 

We can do more! Our goal of $10,000 will allow us to continue our current program and expand to serve even more students. We'll be able to open a new classroom for children age 13-16, build a computer lab, and launch the first lending library in the community. 

Please consider making your gift a monthly donation and help us provide stability and long-term care for children who need it most.

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