Gabrielle @ The Relational Center

Help Gabrielle cultivate a culture of radical engagement!

Hi Community!

With an incoming president that promotes greed and fear I feel that it's critical to create communities of support and healthy consciousness. I'm thrilled to be a part of The Relational Center (TRC) community that's committed to radically shifting culture by building empathy and connection through individual and group work. 

As a small org, it relies on the support of donors in order to offer low-cost services and access to anyone who may not qualify for DMH and who may not be able to able to afford long term psychotherapy. TRC's hope is that through transformative relationships, people will be more able to connect to themselves, their bodies an each other. By strengthening our communities, we can create a more diverse, empathic, and collaborative culture. 

Please help us continue to grow our offerings and stay engaged in an increasingly-challenging environment. The volunteers and staff have been challenged to help grow our donor base for the 2016 year-end appeal, so donations of all sizes are welcomed!  If you are able, please consider becoming a recurring monthly contributor with as small or large an amount as you are comfortable.

More info about TRC's mission:

"The Relational Center exists to promote the essential value of relationships. We believe that by cultivating relational values, we create the necessary conditions for health, equality, and sustainability. So we teach people personal, interpersonal and social practices that support and grow strong, resilient relationships. We offer services for healing support, a space for community building and tools for civic engagement."

The Relational Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
We appreciate your tax-deductible donation.