Angela's “Bridges to Empathy” 2016 Fundraising Challenge

Because Compassion Is Activism - GIVE TODAY!

Now is the time for community action.

After a particularly contentious presidential election -- and all that's now front and center in today's political and social conversation -- it's important that those of us who are passionate about compassion, kindness and inclusion do what we can to promote those values. At The Relational Center (TRC), our activism seeks to develop the human capacity for awareness, empathy and connection -- values largely unsupported in our culture. Not only is it difficult work; it is absolutely necessary if we are to effect meaningful and lasting social change.

What makes this so important to me personally?

By giving to TRC you are supporting an incredible community wellness and mental health organization that has steadfastly supported me on my path to licensure as a psychotherapist here in Los Angeles, California. So if you like and appreciate me, if you find resonance in what I do and the values I promote, then you are exactly the person I am asking to donate today, in support of my TRC family, which is helping me to clarify my values, grow my skill set and experience, stay grounded in troubled times, and risk bravery and vulnerability in leadership and connection with others, all while supporting me in both realizing my calling and holding space for others to do all this as well! 

(Please see my website at for more information on me and what I do at TRC.)

Your gift (in any amount) is tax deductible and will help us continue to bring amazing wellness offerings -- like mental health counseling, yoga therapy, somatic training, mindfulness practice, relational storytelling, anti-bullying campaigns, and my very own "Food Group" therapy group (flyer below) and peer trainings -- into our beloved community, consciousness and beyond!

More info about TRC's mission:

Now more than ever, a culture of bullying and violence threatens our collective wellbeing. The need is growing and we need your support to rise to the challenge. 

The Relational Center exists to promote the essential value of relationships. We believe that by cultivating relational values, we create the necessary conditions for health, equality, and sustainability. So we teach people personal, interpersonal and social practices that support and grow strong, resilient relationships. We offer services for healing support, a space for community building and tools for civic engagement.

We are more than just a service center or a training institute; we are an incubator of the culture we believe will enable human beings to overcome violence, despair, disease and poverty. We engage in telling a new, coherent story of humanity that inspires all people to realize their unique leadership contribution. We help individuals, families, communities and organizations to integrate relational principles directly into their work and to coordinate their efforts so that together we can usher in a profound transformation in human consciousness.

The Relational Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
We appreciate your tax-deductible donation.

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