Critical Preschool Education for Darfuri Refugees

Little Ripples

Update August 31, 2016: My heart is exploding with gratitude. Thank you, everyone, who helped us raise the first $5,000 to launch a new pond in Fall 2016 in refugee camp Goz Amer in eastern Chad! The outpouring of support continues and so we've revised our goal to cover Year 2 of the Pond's teacher salaries and school supplies! 

Thank you for your continued support!

I'm a rising junior in Los Angeles and I learned about Little Ripples through my work with Jewish World Watch and Brentwood School's relationship with iACT through our 10th-grade refugee research project. This inspired me to take on a summer project of raising the funds to start a new Little Ripples Pond. Each pond is a new preschool and the effects on the students ripple out and benefit the whole community.

Little Ripples, a preschool program of iACT and supported by JWW, plants the seeds of education, peace, and hope for conflict-afflicted children. The program is a cost-effective resilience and capacity development program that trains and employs refugee women to provide in-home preschool education to improve the early development of refugee children exposed to trauma. The curriculum encompasses Darfuri culture and values and creates a foundation of learning, peacebuilding, and trauma recovery.  Jewish World Watch has supported the opening of four Ponds in camp Goz Amer, daily meal programs for more than 500 refugee children ages three to five, and teacher training. The program was named “Top Idea in Refugee Education” in 2015 by The Amplify Team at OpenIDEO and is a 2016 WISE Awards finalist.

For more information visit: 

Jewish World Watch's Little Ripples Page

Little Ripples 

On Thursday, August 4th, my family and I will be opening our home for an event to support a new Pond in camp Goz Amer. Please join us.

If you have any questions or would like details about the August 4th event, feel free to contact me, Eve Levenson, at

Thank you for supporting this important cause that it so dear to me!!