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Creating a Dignified Path Forward for Refugees

Thank you for your support this year in helping us change the way the world responds to genocide and mass atrocities. Because of you, we were able to plant seeds for peace through early childhood education and sports, grow the anti-genocide advocacy movement, and create people to people connections.

Help us continue to grow our impact wth a year-end donation.

Together, we can break the cycle of violence endemic to communities affected by mass atrocities. We can work with them to identify new ideas for solutions, co-create programs that meet their needs, and offer training that empowers the refugees to implement and grow from their experience. iACT can expand the impact of this successful model by engaging international experts and funders in innovation and human-centered program design.

By giving to iACT you are part of an international humanitarian network that seeks to provide the best level of long-term support to help communities thrive.

Together we can deepen and expand our mission to provide humanitarian action.

Did you know that iACT won the 2016 WISE Awards for innovation in education for Little Ripples? Check it out:

2016 WISE Award Winner Little Ripples, USA from iACT on Vimeo.