Christmas in September

Opportunity to Acquire Hay for the Winter

We have an opportunity this SATURDAY, September 10th, 2016, from a nearby neighbor to buy Bermuda/orchard grass mix hay directly from the field in which he will be baling.  There are approximately 700 -1,000 bales of really good hay available for $4.00 a bale out of the field.  This is an offer that we do not want to miss out on.  Good quality high protein hay to stock up for the winter months, especially since the drought has caused a round bale shortage.  At least we can have square bales to be able to feed.

We are asking for every ones help of a $20.00 or more donation to reach our goal. This will buy 5 bales of hay to help us feed the Sanctuaries for the winter. Our hay room can hold 1,000 square bales and we would like to get us much as we can.  

We are setting our Goal for 600 bales. The higher we go over our goal, the more beneficial it will be for the horses.  We need to have enough hay to last until May 2017's first cut.

Please help by donating as well as sharing with family, friends and co-workers.  Help us reach our goal to purchase as much of this hay as possible.  Limited funding keeps us from helping any horses in need.

Your Donation Means Everything!

Your Donation Saves a Life!

Thank you in Advance

Checks or Money Orders can be made out to 

Iron Gait Percherons

114 Hancock Mountain Trail

Waleska, Ga. 30183

(770) 796-2598

* 100% of all donations go directly to the horses
* Any outside funding will be added into this campaign

********** UPDATE ***********

We picked up 300 bales this weekend and we just got it unloaded.  There are another 100 bales with our name on them.  We have extended this campaign for another few days to see if we can at least get to $1,600 to cover a total of 400 bales.  Thanks so much everyone for your support.  This will take us a long way into the winter for square bales.  Now we will have to focus on round bales for the pastures.

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