2016 Fall Fund Drive

Providing Catholic Radio for Acadiana in 2017

2016 has been a year of expansion and growth.  We added 1230AM Opelousas in April to offer Catholic Radio for Acadiana to 650,000 more people.  We started 2 more local programs, Acadiana Talks and Outloud.  We completely updated station imaging to include new prayers, parishes, business sponsors and more.  WE ARE NOT DONE.  This October we welcome Paul George back to the airwaves with The Paul George Show.  

All of this effort is working for the mission of evangelization through Catholic Radio.  In 2016 we have heard testimonies of athiests and non-Catholics listening to our station.  We have heard from numerous more Catholics who have been strengthened in their Faith and began to listen every day, as our listenership is up an estimated 50% from Dec 2015.

2016 has also been a difficult year for the Lafayette area.  Economic downturn, floods, and major fundraising campaigns have impacted our listeners and business sponsors.  In order for the mission of Catholic Radio to continue positive growth in 2017, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT.  Donate today whatever you can and share this campaign far and wide.  If you love Catholic Radio, share the love today during our 2016 Fall Fund Drive.