Children Who Read Become Adults Who Succeed

Transforming Lives Through Reading

How many third graders in the Bay Area can read proficiently?

1 in 3. 

How much does a high school drop out cost the state of California? 


A child from an under-resourced community unable to read by 3rd grade is 3x less likely to graduate than a peer who can read proficiently. 

False. A child from an under-resourced community who struggles with reading is 12x more likely to drop out than a peer who can read.  

These statistics point to real children, real families, and real lost opportunities- and this is why we’re asking for your support.

What do we do?

  • We’re Super Stars Literacy - a scrappy, growing non-profit, dedicated to providing a transformative experience for our K-2  students, both academically and in terms of their social emotional awareness.
  • We connect 30 well-trained, creative reading instructors with eight low-income schools, providing small group reading interventions during the day, literacy classes after school, and consistent family reading nights.
  • We develop consistent rituals and routines in the classroom to foster empathy, connectedness and interpersonal skills among our students.

What’s the result?

  •  Last school year, 92% of all our students demonstrated literacy growth, and 44% achieved accelerated growth, improving by more than one academic year.

Who do we support?

  • 89% of our students are low-income. 66% of our students our English Language Learners. At one of our schools, 18 languages are spoken including Vietnamese, Tagalog, Cantonese, and Karen (Burma).
  • Our children are enriched by this diversity, and need your support to access as many opportunities as possible!

What can you do to help?

$30,000 supports one classroom

$2000 supports one child

$250 books for one grade

$50 supplies for one classroom

I hope to see you at a school site this year upcoming- your gifts this Holiday Season truly change lives!