Brighten the Future of Gaza's Children

Let your creativity shine to show Gaza's children you care #BrightFuture4GazasChildren

There’s a way to help Gaza’s children despite the inhumane blockade, now entering its 8th year.  Palestinian families in the Gaza Strip experience 12 hours of rolling blackouts every day.  Imagine being a child and not having light in your home after the sun goes down, having to resort to using dangerous kerosene lamps or candles to just do your homework.  That's why Rebuilding Alliance is asking you to help send solar Luci Lights to brighten the lives of Gaza's children. MPOWERD created Luci, an inflatable solar light as an affordable clean energy product that people could use in any situation because, as they put it, life doesn’t stop after the sun goes down. 

We ask you to bring your creativity forward to help send the fourth pallet with 2280 solar-powered Luci Original Lights to four NonGovernmental Organizations (NGOs) in Gaza.  Here's something wonderful:  for every Luci Original we send, the Mpowerd company will send a Luci EMRG.  That's a total of 4560 solar lights!   The cost for this combined shipment will be $37,970.  That means that our NGO partners will deliver three Originals per family and also give an EMRG for each child!

Rebuilding Alliance, the U.S. Nonprofit sponsoring this effort, has thoroughly and personally researched how to get them in — it is doable!   (And we've successfully sent 2 containers of school supplies and clothing). Preclearance is underway for the 4th pallet, and the State Department and a Senator and Congresswoman are standing by to help.

This is our most ambitious project to date and with your help, we can get it done!  Click the Start your Campaign button on Rebuilding Alliance's page, get your friends involved, donate generously and spread the word today!

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“To do something BIG
— to think globally 
and act globally — 
one starts with something small and
one starts 
where it counts.”
                                                 – Oxford Professor Nabeel Hamdi
Take Action Now:

Beginning today, do what you love, and raise money doing it. Do something you are passionate about. Join up with your friends, your peace group, your place of worship and do something creative to help Gaza’s children.Let’s set a ripple effect in motion.

Click here to start your Giving Campaign (click the 'start a campaign' button and follow the directions)

You can form teams, compete with others, whatever you would like, just be creative, have fun, raise lots of money for lights and spread the word!

Your fundraiser can be as big as a benefit concert or bake sale, or as simple as, “Mom, if I make dinner tonight, will you give me $10?” Whatever you choose, make it hopeful, community-oriented, and fun. Post and tweet about your efforts. The more positive and creative you are, the more your post will be viewed. More views bring more donations to bring light and encouragement to Gaza’s children and to all who seek a positive peace. Make sure to follow the guidelines below for maximum buzz on social media:

  • In your social media post, WRITE, “I want to give hope to kids in Gaza."
  • SHOW what it is you are doing in a picture or video;
  • GIVE A ‘CALL TO ACTION’ somewhere in your post to ask others to contribute to send solar Luci Lights to Gaza's Children;
  • Finally, in every post on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, use the hashtag #BrightFuture4GazasChildren and #LightsforGaza.  But don’t forget, throw in “#OpenGaza,” “#ICareAboutPeace,“ and “#RebuildPalestine,” too.  And message us @RebuildingAll.

Give it your best!  Challenge your friends by asking, “What will you do to bring light and hope to Gaza?” and tag them. Tag celebrities, politicians, and well-known community members, too.

Ready, set, POST!