$30 for our 30th

Celebrating 30 Years of Community Media Making a Difference

This year, Thurston Community celebrates our 30th Anniversary.  With the consolidation of media organizations and the decline in local news coverage, community based media is needed now more than ever.  

For 30 years, local people and organizations have produced media about local matters to share with a local audience on four community cable channels and through the Internet by using the resources, equipment and training available at Thurston Community Media. 

Today, we invite you to invest in media created by, for, and about our community. Become a Supporting Member of Thurston Community Media by donating to our $30 for Our 30th Anniversary campaign.  Make a gift of $30 (or a multiple of $30), or become a Sustaining Member by making a regular monthly donations of at least $5. 

A gift of $30 makes it possible for us to give a training scholarship to a local youth.  $60 can buy memory cards for an entire camera class.  $300 supports production of a promotional video for a local nonprofit or TCMedia coverage of a local issues forum.  $3000 buys a camera or 6 iPads for use by community members. 

Community is our middle name and support from our community helps us make media that matters.  Your gift, of any amount, is greatly appreciated.

Please give today.. or any day!

Thank you from all of us!