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Whether it’s a film, digital platform, mobile tool, print article, educational workshop or a documentary screening kit, it’s the story which is paramount to Skylight.

At Skylight we don’t simply tell stories about human rights – we engage people in activism to promote international human rights.  (Watch our Skylight 30 Years video to see more)

We create media with people; collaborating with community leaders, grassroots organizations, and NGO’s to create media that tells their stories, and strengthens their efforts.

We show with pathways forward by not only documenting the plight, but also the fight. We show the process of incrementally creating change. We make our films widely available to NGO’s and international educators through Academic Screening Packages and Screening Kits.

We increase impact and engagement by creating platforms and new media technologies that makes it easy for people to engage with social issues.  Our new media projects had included IJCentral, The Toolbox, and Every Memory Matters.
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