4word: Portland July Luncheon


Our country is awash in red, white, and blue. Parades snake down Main Street America. Little children beg to be able to stay up and watch the firework display. BBQ is the meal of the day and somewhere, "God Bless the USA" is blasting out of a pickup truck. Every year, we come together as a country and celebrate the freedoms we enjoy. It's a beautiful tradition.

So why don't we feel free?

Why do so many of us live smothered under the weight of expectations and unhealthy cultures? As Christian women, we can find ourselves fighting the expectations of the cultures we live and work in, the micro-culture we worship in, and the insidious pressure of being just like everyone else...but better.

In this month's lunch, we're going to discuss what it looks like to live in the freedom that Jesus offers. You'll hear from women just like you who have struggled for years. You won't leave with easy answers or a 5 step program to freedom. But you will leave encouraged, refreshed, and set free.