Come be with Your People!

4word Women of NYC "Happy" Hour - April 4, 2017

 You are invited to a special evening where you can just show up, be  your Jesus-loving self, and go deep, fast with other hard working women who      love Jesus too!


  You're included in this invitation because 4word knows you're hungry 

  for Christian community with women and/or you have a friend who loves you

  and wants you there!  Please join us - it's FREE!

  Details:  We have reserved a special section in the bar to gather.   

  Hosts will facilitate the conversation.  You can come ready to relax -      

  snacks are on us!  Of course, The Hudson Hotel has a full bar and restaurant for

  anything else you might want!

Please RSVP by Sunday, April 2nd so we can gauge our space needs.