Bankroll a Harvey Kitty!

Bankroll a Harvey Kitty

Mary Ellen, Dixie Lee and and Becky Sue (above) were kept alive, along with litter mates Mary Ellen and John Boy by Amazing Mama Cat Maryanne during the worst five days of Harvey's passage through Texas. They were rescued by a sister organization and transported to Thundering Paws.

Now thriving, these and 13 other Harvey kittens are almost ready to be adopted. You can help them by donating to our Bankroll A Kitten campaign. $118 provides for one kitten or mama's vet exam, spay/neuter, vaccinations, testing, de-worming, and microchipping—everything they need before going to their forever homes!

 Carolina was found during the hurricane with a broken leg and nursing five little ones — thanks to our supporters, her leg was saved and she and her kittens have been in a loving foster home, where they await adoption.

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Harvey Rescue Kitties

Billy Bob is one of Maryanne's kittens who will be available for adoption once he's been weaned, had all of his vaccinations, and neutered. To read about Billy Bob and the rest of Maryanne's litter, Click Here.