Fleur Marie's Kitten Shower for Thundering Paws Kittens!

Thundering Paws Kitten Shower

IT'S DAY 13 of Fleur Marie's Kitten Shower - 11 Days of Kittens & FUN to go!

We have a total of 47 kittens & 7 mama cats so far this season. With 21 kittens & 3 mamas already bankrolled, that leaves only 26 kittens and 4 mamas to go!


There is still time to enter Fleur Marie's Kitten Shower Raffle - During the Virtual Kitten Shower, every $10 donation enters you into the Raffle and an opportunity to win PRIZES every cat owner—and cat—will Love!!

The Raffle winner receives Fleur Marie's Bundle, including:

    a minnie mouse cat dome
    a petmate carrier
    1 bag of Weruva Litter
    1 case of meow luau wet food
    1 bag of quality kibble

RR and kittens

Thank you for joining us, Mes Ames, and THANK you for all you do for animals!


 Fleur Marie, Official Spokeskitty

Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary