Rainbow for Carolina

Donate to Carolina's foot surgery!

Carolina and her five kittens came to Thundering Paws as refugees from Hurricane Harvey. We'd been told that Carolina had a broken foot that needed to be amputated—but the doctor was able to save her foot—a Rainbow for Carolina!

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On pain medication during her recovery, Carolina was unable to nurse her kittens. Finally off her medication this week, mama and babies have been reunited!! Their fosters tell us Carolina and the kittens are so happy to be nursing (and cuddling) again. Carolina is a great mama cat and seems to be feeling even better now that she's back with her family.

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Carolina's babies

Carolina's kittens are growing quickly and are happy to have their mama back—Rainbows for everyone!

A HUGE thank you to In Defense of Animals for their generous $800 donation towards Carolina's surgery!