A Canyon Peoples' Portrait World Premiere Thursday

Kane County History Made Delicious!

Rural Utah is where Utah's core values are lived, preserved, and propogated. Let's keep that tradition alive!

Help Kane County's people tell their stories to the world by attending "A Canyon Peoples' Portrait" April 2nd at Kanab High School Auditorium. Merrill Jenson, film composer, conducts The Symphony of the Canyons, Sam Payne (host of KBYU's "The Apple Seed"), narrates, The Legacy Series Folk Ensemble, a choir and many of Kanab's finest performers weave tales in song and story of Utah's southernmost county and the distinct peoples that have lived there.

Meet Levi Stewart, Kanab's founder, and hear his heartbreaking story of losing his wife and five sons in a fire in Jacob Hamblin's fort.

Meet "The Ancient Ones" who were here centuries and millenia before Levi.

Meet Thomas Chamberlain, bishop of Orderville, who is arguably the reason their United Order community lasted more than ten years.

Meet the proprietor of The Rollaway Saloon, and the ladies of Kanab and Fredonia who tried to shut him down.

Meet the present day people of "Best Friends Animal Sanctuary", modern pioneers whose story parallels that of Kanab's early settlers.

Many other fascinating stories are part of "A Canyon Peoples' Portrait". The tellers of the tales will warm your heart with their art.