SOIL promotes dignity, health, and sustainable livelihoods through the transformation of wastes into resources.


Services & Impact

Since building Haiti’s first EcoSan toilet in 2006 and first waste treatment facility in 2009, SOIL has gone on to become one of the country’s most well-respected sanitation providers. Learn more at

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More than 2 billion people don't have access to a toilet. SOIL is using effective, low-tech composting to transform humanure into a safe, rich soil additive. They are learning how to do this on a large scale & are currently serving almost 4,000 people in Haiti.

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Keeping the Lights On!

Our staff is working overtime building and installing EkoLakay toilets, but our local electricity grid is not reliable enough to ensure that we can keep our laptops running through our long days. We need 10 new batteries to capture the energy from our solar panels and keep SOIL's lights on.

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The Daily Grind

Cover material keeps our toilets fresh and smelling great, and we need more than ever as we scale up. Grinders will make it possible for SOIL to mill sugar cane bagasse and peanut shells on-site so we can keep up with demand.

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Pump It Up!

More toilets means more buckets to sanitize each week! The wells at our waste treatment sites currently only have hand pumps, which are time-consuming (not to mention tiring) to use. Help us install new water pumps at our two waste treatment facilities so we can get more buckets cleaned faster!

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The Driving Force: Our Poopmobiles!

SOIL is testing low-cost options for transporting wastes from SOIL EkoLakay toilets to our waste treatment facilities. Help us get a new three-wheeler, which is not only cheaper and more gas-efficient than a truck, it can also better navigate many of the narrow alleys in the neighborhoods we serve!

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Rolling Up Our Sleeves

Our staff work hard to protect public health by collecting and treating waste from hundreds of SOIL’s toilets every week, and they need to protect their own health, too. Can you help us buy 15 new protective uniforms for the compost and waste collection teams?

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